Wanna try your hand at high-frequency trading? There’s an app for that

chicago cityscape and sears towerThere’s a lot of money to be made in high-frequency trading for those who can think outside the box. But barriers to entry, which include the need to make major investments in technology infrastructure, make it difficult for outsiders to break into the industry.

CloudQuant, a Chicago-based algorithmic trading startup, lets anyone try their hand at devising their own strategies. And if it works, they’ll pay the creator to put it into action.

“We built this Python-based research platform that we’ve been using for internal quantitative trading since 2011, but this year we created a website that gives anyone access to our research tools,” said CEO Morgan Slade. “There are people all over the world who have great ideas, yet a lot of large firms are recycling old ones.”  ….

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