The Rise of Quants in Trading and Financial Markets

Stocktoberfest West October 2017

Alternative Data in Investment Technology is Changing the Game

Cloud computing and access to industrial grade investment and data science tools are changing the playing field for quantitative trading firms. CloudQuant’s CEO Morgan Slade participated in a panel at Stocktoberfest West in October 2017. This has raised the discussion of quantamental investment and data science techniques. This is the merger of technology, investment management, and data science.

Ever increasing datasets are requiring an elastic source of data scientists. CloudQuant believes that the best source is the crowd.

Participating in the discussion are:

  • Tim Harrington, Battlefin
  • Erik Haines, Guidepoint
  • Morgan Slade, CloudQuant
  • Chris Petrescu, formerly from WorldQuant

In this discussion, Morgan makes a bold prediction that Bitcoin will surpass $10,000. (Time hack 26:58 to see the prediction)

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