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Vanguard CEO’s Biggest Challenge Is Dealing With Success

…vice. Its website has long been clunky and hard to navigate, one of the biggest complaints Wiener said he hears. And the firm offers little in the way of advice when more and more upstarts are using artificial intelligence to manage customers’ accounts cheaper. (Of course, many of those robo-advisers end up putting their clients in Vanguard funds.) Vanguard faithful have been willing to make the trade-off between low costs and poor service, but Wiener thinks it could be a hurdle as the company draws in more and more investors. That’s especially true with ETFs, which can be bought easily in any online brokerage acco… 2018-01-04 10:10:30-05:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: The article mentions Vanguard’s smart-beta ETF which implements both quantitative metrics and index investing. We see the value in quantitative metrics for trading as many crowd researchers are helping us to trade and profiting from their research-driven algorithms.

Automation Trends To Increase As Robots Intergrate Into Society: Bernstein

…ected to hit the 40% level. This is coming as a continued upgrade in general manufacturing is occurring. Underneath it all lies the adoption of computer-based thinking models. In 2017 Huang watched artificial intelligence and deep learning impact the world of industrial automation. The next step in the trend is to expand the scope of automation, particularly with regards to broader robot adoption, vision recognition and interconnected devices communicating with one another. Automation trends and stocks to watch For investors, this boils down to a few names: Keyence, Cognex, and Fanuc. These stocks are positioned… 2018-01-05 15:20:59-05:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: 80% of trading is being handled by robots? We know that 100% of trades are touched by automation these days. If it isn’t in the actual order processing then it is in the clearing process, the risk process, or the account management process. When someone using a retail broker’s website sees their portfolio there is added information that is presented. Almost all of that is touched by automation with some form of a “robot” or AI process.

Back to the Future: 2018 Big Data and Data Science Prognostications

…izations not to embrace (see Figure 1). The unusualness of open source project naming (Linux, Hadoop, Ubuntu, Pidgin, GNU) might be able to exploit names from this movie. I can already imagine a new Machine Learning framework called “Klaatu barada nikto” popping on the 2018 landscape. By the way, have some fun creating your own open source project names: This site will probably save developers months of work coming up with open source project names that have nothing to do with the functionality of their projects. Forbidden Planet (1956) A starship crew goes t… 2018-01-20 00:00:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: This article is very worthwhile reading. It compares 1950 Science Fiction movies to 2018. We love it. But most of all we love the conclusions and thoughts put together here.

MoneyLion Secures $42 Million Investment to Accelerate Growth

…, MoneyLion’s thesis has been centered on the re-bundling consumer financial services on a single digital platform to reduce friction and costs for our users. Advancements in technologies like AI and machine learning enable us to anticipate needs and deliver personalized financial products that were previously only offered to the wealthy. We’re excited to be an invaluable financial companion for our users and empower them to tackle their biggest financial challenges,” said Choubey…. 2018-01-07 12:05:45-05:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: Innovation plus client need plus clients capable is a great formula for success.

Damn Girl, You’ve Got a High AQ – Hacker Noon

…ce then, they’ve profited on everything from PCs to scanning tunneling microscopes to software and management consulting. While at IBM Watson in 2014, I worked with a partner who was one of IBM’s top Machine Learning Experts. Fast forward to 2017, and his LinkedIn Profile now reads “Bitcoin & Digital Currency Industry Expert”. IBM changes course quickly. Always in the direction of the money. Contrast IBM’s trajectory with that of Kodak, and it’s clear that one expresses more organizational AQ than the other. Starting in the 1990’s, Kodak began a steep decline in the face of mobile phone technology and eventu… 2018-01-05 17:16:43.396000+00:00—-3a8144eabfe3—4 CloudQuant Thoughts: Your adaptability quotient (AQ), which measures your ability to handle changes including technology, will be essential to your success going forward.

6 powerful ways Artificial Intelligence will benefit eCommerce businesses

…AI is everywhere now! A study shows by the year 2020, 85% of the enterprises will be overtaken by Artificial Intelligence. With its effective methods AI is finding a drill in every industry at its best. Now the question rises as to what effect will AI have in the eCommerce sector? Well, many of us think of AI as plastic and impersonal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. AI is actually making it possible to personalize the eCommerce shopping experience in an extremely detailed manner. For some of us, t… 2018-01-04 12:56:50+00:00 CloudQuant Comments: Many articles on AI taking over some business focus on losing jobs, or some other form of negativity. We have seen them include apocalyptic comparisons.  CloudQuant looks at the possibility of improved productivity. As a successful FINECH startup we have directly benefited from applying AI to our business. We are able to accelerate faster and deliver new tools, data sets, and opportunities by evaluating every task for our ability to automate it. Even this weekly news clipping is part of the automation process.  Don’t fear AI. Use it as a competitive springboard.  Resisting change (having a low adaptability quotient) isn’t the path to success.

U.S. Needs a Well-Designed Infrastructure Plan

… better infrastructure — addressing decaying parts such as roads, bridges, airports and ports, as well as expanding in new areas associated with the wider use of technological innovations, including artificial intelligence and mobility — enhances both private- and public-sector productivity. By also reducing the historically-unusual gap that has emerged over the last few years between the U.S. and some of its international competitors, particularly in Asia, this spending helps lift both the country’s actual and potential growth capabilities. A well-designed infrastructure program can also help on the demand side…. 2018-01-08 00:00:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: Maybe fixing potholes too. For that, you don’t need AI. Waze already has the data. We believe that they should schedule the Illinois and Chicago departments of transportation to fix the most commonly passed potholes!

AMD unveils speedy processors and graphics chips for 2018

…ocessing units (GPUs). In graphics, AMD announced the expansion of the “Vega” family with Radeon Vega Mobile and that its first 7-nanometer product will be a Radeon “Vega” GPU specifically built for machine learning applications. “We successfully accomplished the ambitious goals we set for ourselves in 2017, reestablishing AMD as a high-performance computing leader with the introduction and ramp of 10 different product families,” said AMD President and CEO Lisa Su, in a statement. “We are building on this momentum in 2018 as we make our strongest product portfolio of the last decade even stronger with new C… 2018-01-07 00:00:00 CloudQuant Thoughts: Innovation in processing chips is really going to help out in the world of quantitative trading research. The more mainstream that this gets, the more likely we are to see these chips make it into cloud data centers.  
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