STAC MidWinter Conference January 10-11, 2018

chicago cityscape and sears tower

CloudQuant will be participating in the STAC MidWinter Conference on January 10-11 2018. Our CEO, Morgan Slade, will be a panelist on the Artificial Intelligence panel discussion.

This panel of expert speakers will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leveraged at trading firms and hedge funds. The discussion will include how AI can impact electronic trading, market data/big data, compliance as well as risk and profitability. We will also take a look at how students are using this technology in the academic world and what this means for the next generation of traders and analysts.

About STA & STAC

The Security Traders Association (STA) is the leading trade organization for individual professionals in the securities industry that works to improve the ethics, business standards and working environment for its members. The Chicago affiliate (STAC) is comprised of 600+ professional trade industry members who are engaged in the buying, selling and trading of securities.

STA provides its members a voice on matters affecting the markets and trading community, with Congress, with the SEC, with regulators, with the exchanges, and with other trade organizations.

About CloudQuant

CloudQuant is the trading strategy incubator for data scientists and traders around the world to create and test trading strategies. Proven strategies are individually licensed from the owner, provided trading capital and an execution team. Algo creators are paid a monthly licensing fee from the net profits similar to a professional portfolio manager. CloudQuant offers a mutually beneficial profit sharing license enabling both parties to profit.

CloudQuant LLC, established in 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kershner Trading Group LLC.