About CloudQuant LLC

The explosion of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning overlapping with algorithmic trading has provided opportunities for innovation in trading. This is the world of CloudQuant. CloudQuant believes that providing access to algorithmic development tools to curious and innovative people on the internet will lead to profitable trading algos. All the crowd needs is access and opportunity. We began as an internal research tool for proprietary traders with extraordinary trading ideas to be able to explore quantitative trading ideas within the Kershner Trading Group, a veteran of the trading industry for over 23 years. In 2016, CloudQuant was established as a stand-alone firm aimed at serving the needs of the independent market researchers around the world. Today we have clients from over 100 countries. CloudQuant is:
  • a high-performance quantitative research platform,
  • an educator,
  • a community for traders, quants, and data scientists
  • a technology provider,
  • an investor in profitable strategies

We are The Trading Strategy Incubator

Our mission is to provide independent, curious researchers with tools to develop and prove trading strategies. We license their profitable strategy allowing the researchers to maintain their independence and intellectual property. Once licensed, we assign capital from our funds. Our professional traders, risk managers, and technologists oversee the day-to-day operation of the trading strategy. When the licensed strategy makes money, the algo creator is paid.  When it doesn’t then we lose money, not them.


Morgan Slade, CEO

J Morgan Slade.
photo by Bauwerks www.bauwerks.com

Morgan has over 20 years of experience as a trader, portfolio manager, researcher, technologist, executive and entrepreneur in the financial services industry.  He is CEO and Head of Global Systematic Trading of CloudQuant, the cloud-based quantitative strategy incubator and systematic investment fund that leverages cloud computing, crowd researchers, machine learning and alternative datasets to generate alpha at scale.  He is excited to bring the opportunities for intellectual challenge and financial reward traditionally reserved for institutional research analysts to independent crowd researcher partners around the world.


CloudQuant is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois USA


CloudQuant LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kersner Trading Group, LLC.