CloudQuant® began as an internal research tool for proprietary traders to explore extraordinary quantitative trading ideas. Anyone can use CloudQuant to create and test Algorithmic Trading Strategies. We began as a research tool within the Kershner Trading Group, a veteran of the trading industry for over 23 years. Kershner’s experience as a trading firm focused on the operation and execution of profitable quantitative trading strategies.  During this time, Kershner provided the trading and technology expertise to design a platform that enabled researchers to go from idea to production implementation in a matter of hours. In 2016, Kershner spun CloudQuant off as a stand-alone firm established to serve the needs of the independent market researchers around the world. In August of 2017 CloudQuant officially launched with the $15 Million USD funding their first crowdsourced trading algorithm. This was quickly followed by a second $10 Million funding of another algorithm. As of October 30th, 2017 we have issued allocation certificates for $72 Million USD to crowdsourced trading strategies. CloudQuant is:
  • a high-performance quantitative research platform,
  • an educator,
  • a community for traders, quants, and data scientists
  • a technology provider,
  • an investor in profitable strategies

We are The Trading Strategy Incubator

Our mission is to provide you with tools to develop and prove your trading strategies. We then license your profitable strategy from you. Once licensed, we assign capital from our funds to your strategy. Our professional traders, risk managers, and technologists oversee the day-to-day operation of the trading strategy. When your strategy makes money, you get paid and so do we.  When it doesn’t then we lose money, not you. CloudQuant is a place for you to express, debate, and share your ideas. It is a place to validate them too with high-frequency Trade and Quote data sets for all US Equity products.

Things to know before you get started!

  • Creating an account is free
  • Using the simulation tool is free
  • The alternative data sets are free
  • Your work is private to you and you retain 100% ownership of your algorithms
  • You are automatically eligible to compete in the continuous “Fund My Strategy” competition
In the end, we want you to be successful and ultimately if you are, we would like to license and operate your strategy by entering into a profit-sharing license agreement with you.

Successful Crowd Researchers

On July 31st, 2017 CloudQuant licensed our first crowdsourced trading strategy. We continue to allocate funds to quantitative trading strategies. More information on your privacy and protections can be found in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy sections.