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#TraderTerminology: ►Bottom-up investing◄ is a strategy that ignores industry/economic factors, choosing instead to focuses on the analyses of specific individual stocks and companies.

#TraderTerminology: ►Quantitative Everything◄ See Quantitative Easing, if QE is not used sparingly then it runs the risk of becoming Quantitative Everything, where the Fed guarantees to back all assets including Equities. When is a market not a market?

#TraderTerminology: ►Fed Put or Greenspan Put◄ widespread belief that the FED can and will defend the economy by decreasing rates. But when rates are already close to zero the Fed will backstop the economy by placing a large Put to prop up the market.

Alternative Data News : Weekly traffic in Europe : RavenPack's COVID-19 dashboard free to the public : 10 Hedge Fund Corona alt-data sources : Corona Virus Has Slashed Global Pollution : CEO tips for forecasting the impact of COVID-19

The news sources and visualization of the virus spread has resulted in media and social hype. The Ravenpack team has put together one of the best dashboards we have seen that doesn't sensationalize anything.
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#TraderTerminology: ►Fed’s statutory dual mandate◄ of maximum employment and price stability, means ensuring market stability is a de facto 3rd mandate. As QE runs right through financial markets its purpose becomes to increase the value of asset…

#TraderTerminology: ►MBS and CMBS◄ Mortgage Backed Securities and Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. MBS is basically Home Mortgages collateralized into an investment package, CMBS is the same for Commerical Real Estate.

ML/AI News : Harvard's (free) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python, with CS50's own Brian Yu. : Growth in Machine Learning Leading to Demand for Automated ML : Turing Award For Pixar, EfficientNet Lite Release And More Top AI News

#TraderTerminology: ►Thematic Funds/ETFs◄ Tend to be fairly short lived compared with other funds & ETFs. Normally accompany bull markets as people chase every new market opportunity for higher returns. Examples include AI, Cannabis, ESG, Aging,…

Alternative Data News : Data Science @ The New York Times : CloudQuant proves value in PA Signals alt data : Killi's "Dividend for your Personal Data" : Is Python hammering Javascript in fintech? : ESG investments grow during coronavirus/oil turmoil.

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