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Alternative Data News : How inside information moved Kodak's stock : TSA travel numbers holding over 700k : Why Aren’t Firms Monitoring Social Media to Detect Insider Trading? : Transaction data shows setback for restaurant industry recovery : ESG Section

ML/AI News : AI vs Birds : Big Tech CEOs Avoid the Big AI Question : AI's near-perfect prostate cancer detection : Google's new TPUs 2.7x times faster than previous gen? : AI to identify possible gold deposits : AI Uncovers hidden Chinese fishing boats.

Alternative Data News : Google Searches by US State : % Adults Sleeping <7 Hrs by County : Hedge funds change alt data use to find winners : Essentia Analytics - Where Alpha Is Lost/Found : Nasdaq Records Huge Volumes : Covid Dashboard -Python/Streamlit

ML/AI News : Ex-Google CEO "Let’s Start a School for AI" : Tech execs urge Gov to accelerate AI adoption : NVIDIA & U of Florida’s $70m AI Partnership : Study proves AI robots can boost social skills in Autistic children : Facebook's AI bot simulator

Alternative Data News : ESG Section : BlackRock’s Fink Says Limiting ESG Investing Will Only Boost Interest : TSA Traveler Throughput : Farmer's share of chocolate bar & coffee : YFinance API In Python : Marketing Mobile Data reveals Russian Military Sites

#TraderTerminology: ►Win/Loss Ratio◄ The total positive trade amounts divided by the total negative trade amounts.

#TraderTerminology: ►Risk Arbitrage◄ Also known as merger arbitrage is an investment strategy that speculates on the successful completion of mergers and acquisitions."

ML/AI News : TSA Traveler Throughput : On 6/26 GAP (GPS) and Kanye West announced a partnership : UK Uber drivers are taking its algorithm to court : These 3 Stocks Have a Killer Advantage : Stock Analysis in Python : Transform 2020 digital conference

#TraderTerminology: ►Alpha◄ (the Greek letter α) describes a trading strategy's ability to beat the market. This is the amount over the natural return that comes from the trading strategy's beta.

Alternative Data News : US College Fees vs Inflation : RavenPack Model Analyzes News and Sentiment to Predict US Election Winner : David Rutter launches LedgerEdge : Is R Making a Comeback? : ESG Section

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