Hedge Funds

A hedge fund is an alternative investment fund available only to sophisticated investors, such as institutions and individuals with significant assets. These funds typically utilize a variety of investing techniques and asset classes to achieve their return on assets for the fund investors.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and crowdsourced algorithmic trading platforms are challenging professional fund managers as the tools, data, and data science techniques powerful enough to forecast market moves better are becoming more readily available to anyone with an internet connection.


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Machine learning set to shake up equity hedge funds - Financial Times

... the model of hedge funds charging “2 and 20” — a 2 per cent management fee and 20 per cent performance fee — for investing in large-cap stocks rising and falling “doesn’t work any more” and is ripe for disruption.
quantitative algo trading conceptual dashboard

Hedge funds and VCs are throwing money at ex-Bridgewater data scientists’ startup

If you aren’t being recruited because you didn’t work at Bridgewater, maybe it is time to create your own hedge fund operation by creating an algo on CloudQuant.