Women in STEM

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Women have every opportunity to excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career fields. The CloudQuant team has worked with several talented women in our careers and hope to encourage other women to join us in the world of Financial Technology and Algorithmic Trading.

We encourage women to:

1. Become crowd researchers using STEM and Data Science skills to develop trading algorithms.

2. Review our career page and to apply for jobs. Internships, both full time and part time, are available for most semesters, summer, and winter breaks.


Sarah Leonard, MScA, University of Chicago

Interview with Sarah Leonard, STEM Woman and Data Scientist

“It’s exciting to see the growing number of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); my advice is to not be afraid to jump in headfirst,” said Sarah Leonard, graduate student at the University of Chicago. “It is a difficult field but also lucrative and rapidly growing.” Leonard sat down with CloudQuant to talk about her experiences in data science, her insight as a female in a male dominated world, and the intensive process it took to find her dream job.
Young women getting started in technology

Young Women: Programming Helps!

The first book I got was “Hello World”. The book intimidated me, because I saw programming as a superpower, something only my dad was capable enough to do. I tried to learn it, but I just got bored very quickly. My dad, still persistent, decided it was time to try programming something we loved.
Jessica Titlebaum Darmoni, Founder of The Title Connection

The Future of FinTech is Female

FinTech Women (FTW) had their launch event at Morningstar on Monday, December 11 in an effort to bring together experienced women in the financial technology space and highlight their achievements.
Daily ROIC Prior to improvements

Improving A Trading Strategy

TD Sequential is a technical indicator for stock trading developed by Thomas R. DeMark in the 1990s. It uses bar plot of stocks to generate trading signals. ... Several elements could be modified in this strategy. Whether to include the countdown stage, the choice of the number of bars in the setup stage and countdown stage, the parameters that help to decide when to exit and the size of the trade will affect strategy performance. In addition, we could use information other than price to decide whether the signal should be traded.